Why I’ll Sleep Well on Election Night

Winning 2020 Election

So many people are feel quite besides themselves tonight.  I get it.  It’s been a year of so many reckonings.  I write to help us remember how far we have come and what we have accomplished this year.

The People Have Spoken
Remember, no matter the outcome, we are in this for the long haul. People have spoken. Our voices matter. Our outrage, concern, passion, questioning…it means something. We are all winners. I don’t write because I have inside knowledge about the outcome. I write because so many are tying their well-being to the outcome of the election in 2020.

Racism is Not an Afterthought
Remember, the issues we have been discussing are too big and mean too much for us to put it all on who wins and who loses.   No matter what the outcome, systemic racism is still there and neither candidate has addressed it in full.  It seems like an afterthought.  We have to wonder what would have happened if George Floyd had not died when he did.

Elevated Consciousness
This year, when so many of us were taxed beyond belief with personal, financial and emotional issues, we held space for ancestors, friends, colleagues and strangers who did not feel seen or heard regarding their oppression.  People now know. Gaslighting, fragility, bypassing, anti-racism….these are all familiar terms.

Regardless of who wins, we should not let up.  We can keep every politician and judicial representative accountable. We can keep the narrative going.

Sleep Well Tonight
Please don’t tie your well-being, efforts, convictions or momentum to this outcome or another. This is why I will sleep well tonight.  We spoke out this year.  We are winners.

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