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Building powerful relationships with ourselves and others

Identity is the invisible work that moves the needle forward on creating effective and lasting change both on an individual and global level. Whether we want to feel better in our own life or make changes to the world we live in, the first place to start is often within.


Each workshop is held live so that we can have an interactive discussion and on the spot coaching around the topic at hand so you receive real and practical steps to take to bring what you’ve learned into your everyday life.


Dive into real, constructive solutions that help you get clear on how you see yourself, how you relate to others, and empower you to advocate for yourself and others. Self-study and self-paced. Ready when you are.


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I’m passionate about creating lasting, sustainable change by working with individuals and companies alike that are ready to bring more advocacy into their life and business. Whether we start the work with a focus on becoming an advocate for yourself, or if you’re feeling called to bring advocacy into your work or business, I’m here to help.

Advocacy starts with caring; being moved by something that is happening and wanting to help the best you can.

Custom services include: Consultations, Mentoring, Racial Trauma Coaching, and Supervising for Therapists.

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There is a place for coaching and there is a place for therapy. If you’re struggling with a diagnosis, have a suspicion that you’re suffering from a mental illness, or are struggling to navigate life after a traumatic event then therapy is typically a better fit than coaching.

I’m a clinically trained and practicing trauma therapist. Coaching came about as I wished to continue helping and supporting my clients beyond the treatment to get people back ‘online’ and functioning again. 

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Listen into the Keeping Company Podcast as we have short but potent discussions that dig deep into the conversation of Identity in a multiracial society.

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Empowerment | Advocacy | Identity

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Each workshop focuses the conversation of Identity around the topic at hand; whether it is understanding yourself and the role you play in society to raising mixed children and being in a multiracial relationship. 

Held live so that we can have an interactive discussion that gives you real and practical steps to take to bring what you’ve learned into your everyday life.