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Helping You Thrive at Your Pace in a Demanding World

Most of our clients seek sensory comfort and improved executive functioning whether it’s from neurodivergence, trauma or underlying mood disorders and/or addiction.  And sometimes it’s all of this. All at once.  Treatment is sometimes necessary.  Here we offer additional support and in between session self-help.  Most are derived from clinical experience supporting neurodivergent clients and those seeking support for attachment based trauma and C-PTSD.

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Raising Mixed-Race Children

Sometimes, good intentions, love and living in the right neighborhood works well when your child is still an infant. Until it doesn’t.
In this course we draw upon insights from helping disciplines such as sociology, psychology and social work to learn a framework that will support your children’s identities and help you develop a deeper understanding of the issues they face in today’s changing racial climate. You’ll be able to identify common and contemporary issues regarding racism and/or oppression of minorities and gain confidence in relevant discussions related to authenticity, privilege, intersectionality and colorism to help your children navigate their space as they mature to adulthood. You will also be able to distinguish nuanced experiences that counter typical Black/White binary racial discourse.

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Daily Grounding Practice

Meditation is a foundational practice for autistics, adhders, audhders and other neurodivergents to prevent burnout, increase focus and gain consistent access to their executive functions (e.g. reality checking, perspective taking) and even empathy. Of course, neurotypicals and anyone wanting to manage overwhelm can benefit.

In the normal scheme of things, we would shake off the accumulation of stress hormones that result from “keeping it together” all day.  But we don’t.  Repair and self-soothing allows us to refuel so that we increase our resilience and energy reserves to manage future threats, and, of course, to do the things we love.  

Using Self-Directed Commands to Manage Stress

Autogenic training is a deep and powerful relaxation technique that can help you attain a mellow tranquil state. It involves a series of repeated self-commands.   It should not be used with certain health conditions such as severe heart problems, psychosis, diabetes, paranoia, or dissociation.  An experienced therapist can help you monitor and implement the practice.

Critical thinking skills and propaganda techniques-self-reflection

Overwhelmed by misinformation and don't know what to think?

Get your free 14 page guide to critical thinking.  Learn how to identify the ideology and purpose, the context, the source, the techniques, and the effects of propaganda and other forms of misinformation.