Your Experiences Matter

We’re living in a multicultural world that’s so focused on taking sides: right vs. wrong, white vs. black, republican vs. democrat; that anyone who doesn’t fit into an extreme is being pushed aside and given no room to be seen and heard. Yet without the space to be seen by others, it becomes increasingly difficult to see and know ourselves and as a result start living on autopilot; compromising on our values and beliefs for the sake of keeping peace. The longer we bite our tongues on what matters most to us, the easier it is to forget and push aside who we are.

I say

no more

It is because of how much we compromise in the name of safety and convenience that we wake up no longer recognizing ourselves or liking what we see.

Business coach and identity strategist

I’m here to create the space for you to find your voice and find yourself again; to help you actualize your beliefs and values in your everyday life because when we live in alignment with our inner code of character we create a sense of fulfillment for ourselves.

Ready to find you again?

Intersecting Identity Workshops

Understand yourself, the role you play in society, raising mixed children, and multiracial relationships. 

Identity Coaching

Go deeper with me to discover who you are and feel sure of yourself in this ever-evolving world.

Keeping Company Podcast

Listen in as we dig deep into the conversation of Identity in a multiracial society.

Hey, I'm Meira

Let’s not split hairs here, I’m as straightforward as they come and when I see something that’s not sitting right you can bet that I’ll be there, calling it like I see it.

I grew up all over the world and have been in many circumstances where I was the only one of me. I’ve worked as a lawyer to bring equal rights to those living in the margins with a focus on racism and gay rights back when it wasn’t popular to do so. l currently work as a licensed trauma therapist in one business and identity coach in another.

You could say that exploring and building identity with those who have never had the space to do so for themselves has been a constant and ongoing theme for decades. Identity is an area in which I have lived experience that includes professional work and extensive study. My particular area of focus has been where our sense of self intersects with gender, race, culture and other aspects of our internal and external environment.