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Fees and payments

coaching fees for self-advocacy coaching, mentorship and consultation

As a self-advocacy coach, I offer individualized coaching fees for consultation and  coaching that is collaborative, personalized, and empowering. 

My coaching approach is trauma and attachment based using principles of mindfulness.  I believe that everyone has the potential to grow and thrive, and that self-care and self-advocacy are essential skills for achieving personal and professional success. Self-care  requires engaging in activities and practices that nourish all of you and is as much about being as it is doing.  Self-advocacy means communicating your needs and preferences effectively, and standing up for your rights, values and core beliefs.  That requires a fair bit of work feeling comfortable in your identity and living that identity in a way that feels *real* for you.  At other times, it’s setting boundaries and providing support for loved ones affected by addiction, mood conditions, trauma and/or neurodivergence.

about your session

Flexibility & Variety For Simplicity
I offer a number of options, that make my services accessible which include group work, digital downloads, written companion guides and courses for self-study, workshops as well as free resources.

If you would like to work with me individually, an individual session is a 50-59 minute (regular/full) session and held virtually. In all, I recommend your having at least three regular 50-59 minute coaching sessions within six weeks, to gain some traction into a plan of action.  Individual coaching is purchased in units of three 50-59 minute sessions. The first session is always an intake/planning session. You can extend any of the remaining sessions and future sessions to 90 minutes or add additional sessions to your 3 session bundle e.g. purchase 4+ sessions at a time.  I do not offer just one session of coaching.  If you wish to explore coaching as an option, please schedule a free consult below.

*Spot Coaching
A spot coaching session is an additional phone consult that renews each month i.e. they are not cumulative.  It might also be texting time.  If you want to text—just text.  I will try to respond within one business day.  Spot coaching calls do need to be scheduled at the beginning of each month from the 1st through the 7th of the month and they are only available as follows:

  • In your third month after two consecutive months of coaching, AND
  • After at least six consecutive sessions (phone, extended or regular) of coaching.

Spot coaching is for up to 15 minutes.  

Free Consult
I offer a free-consult for you to see if we’re a good fit and prior to our first meeting, I will provide an intake form which you can use to let me know what you need me to know to serve you appropriately.   I will provide prompts in that intake so that you are not lost.  I get how chaotic things can be before you get good support.  I like to make that first session meaningful and hit the ground running–if you’re up for that.

Extended Session-Ideal for Self-Diagnosis
I also offer an extended session that is 60-90 min which is ideal for those wishing to explore whether they might be autistic.  This is not a diagnostic assessment and no report or diagnosis will be provided.  So, this would not be helpful if you are seeking an accommodation at work or need a diagnosis for medical leave or any other reason.  It is to facilitate self-identity and provide some validation.  I can help you explore  whether a formal diagnosis might be of benefit to meet your goals as well as additional resources and support.  I can let you know about autistic traits that aren’t always detected by providers and are less known. If you would like an extended session included in your bundle of three sessions, click here to add the additional amount to your bundle fee below.  Remember, you must purchase at least three sessions at a time. You may also “add” this extended session onto your bundle (which includes three sessions) as a fourth session by adding an additional $175.

Stand Alone Phone Support
I also offer a lower coaching fee for increased accessibility and lower support needs.  This is for additional phone consults beyond the free option or spot coaching included with regular coaching.  The phone support option is 16 -25 minutes.

Please remember, though I am also a licensed attorney as well as a clinical social worker in the State of Arizona with training and experience in diagnosing and treating emotional and psychological problems, in my professional coaching capacity, I do not engage in the practice of psychotherapy with my coaching clients and cannot offer legal advice.

payment options & fees

choose what works for you

Don’t see what you need? Contact me.
No extended or protrated coaching with fluff you don’t need.  However, there is a minimum so that you get something out of coaching.  At least one session is used to get to know each other and form  plan/goals.  If you are thrifty, use your free consult to get the ball rolling.  The “regular” subscription that is the most popular includes three sessions paced at your convenience over a two month period (e.g. weekly, bi-weekly or weeks apart).  You can add phone support, extend a session (make it longer) or schedule spot coaching after your sixth session.  E.g. you can add to this bundle by extending a regular session by 30 minutes ($50) to an extended session or adding an additional regular session ($125.00) or extended session ($175.00).


$ 375
3 Sessions
  • 50-59 minutes each session via video
  • *Monthly spot coaching session included- (doesn't carry over)

Extended Session

$ 175
00 Per Session
  • 60-90 min
  • This is in addition to or as substitute for any regular 50-59 minute session included in the 3 session bundle.

Phone Support

$ 50
Per Session
  • 16-25 min
  • *In addition to other services.

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