All workshops are hosted live so you can ask questions and get customized actions specific to your circumstances.

Decolonizing Mental Health Practice

Decolonizing Mental Health Practice

Though the past few years have witnessed much discussion around systemic racism and colonial hegemony and its impact on healthcare delivery systems, when it gets down to the nitty gritty, many mental health practitioners are concerned about making mistakes, causing offense and how to put cultural awareness and insight into actual practice. 

Over six weeks in a series of  bi-weekly sessions online, we will deconstruct contemporary mental health practice to identify colonial hegemonic beliefs that are often internalized by practitioners and perpetuated by our training.  We will address ways in which domination, discrimination and systemic oppression work in ways to minimize or erase BIPOC values and cultural practices and increase stigma around receiving therapy.  We will also explore ways in which decolonization in mental health care can be more accessible for the individual practitioner.  

I teach individuals, families, mental health providers and groups how to bring anti-oppression work to your homes, workplaces and everyday settings in a way that helps you repair broken relationships and build authentic connections.  

How We Rest:

Preventing & Navigating Autistic Burnout

Burnout, chronic stress and fatigue are now common place topics among mothers, teachers and mental health providers among many others.  Burnout is a particular concern compared to chronic stress because it is often accompanied by withdrawal and cycling emotions.  

One of the main factors that distinguishes autistic burnout, is that it can ensue from just regular living in a world designed around neurotypical functioning.  There’s often increased sensitivity and isolation in an attempt to recover.  

Autistics can experience burnout on a completely different level from NTs.  It can effect remembering, performing basic self-care, and thinking-many of the activities included in mainstream strategies for burnout.  In this workshop, we not only learn but practice in a dynamic setting restorative and transformative practices.  In addition, we identify the sources of burnout that to break cycles of behavior that continue to drain our reserves.  Join us in six weeks of interactive community over three months as we experience liberation from exhaustion.

Liberation for autistics -autism burnout strategies
Coexisting with conflict and difference-Workshop

Co-Existing With Conflict & Difference

Many of the concepts that we absorb from our environment are rooted in theories of power and domination that have us fighting against ourselves and anything that doesn’t fit within this schema.  

Does this sound a bit out there? Radical, perhaps?  If you can relate to being on a treadmill moving very fast, but constantly hitting a wall or a ceiling that has you reconfiguring your goals only to get back on the treadmill, then you have lived what I’m talking about.  Do you also sense collective despair, strife and increased intolerance in your communities?  Amongst your clients?  Do you feel victimized or isolated? Do you find yourself nostalgic for a bygone era of comity that was not so polarized politically? 

Practice interacting with opposition over six weeks in bi-weekly sessions online in a compassionately priced training to make anti-oppression work accessible and transformative in a personalized way.

I teach individuals, families, mental health providers and groups how to bring anti-oppression work to your homes, workplaces and everyday settings in a way that helps you repair broken relationships and build authentic connections.  

Cultivating Cultural Attunement

How Confident Are You Interacting in Exchanges About Inequality, Social Justice and Racism?

Chances are you may have an idea of what you would like these exchanges to be, but you might also have a reaction or image that reflects possibilities of polarization, dissension, distrust, antagonism, and in some cases, aggression.  Do you find yourself not participating in such conversations for fear of being “cancelled” despite earnest desire to advocate for social justice?

In this workshop, I invite you to engage in dynamic interactive and collective thinking to co-create an attuned and affirming practice based on restorative and transformative strategies.   I’ll help you develop concrete ways to be honest and direct in the face of conflict.  

Culturally Attuned Dialogue -Anti-Oppression
Information Workshop Autism

Autism Support Information Workshop

We know that much of the distress associated with autism comes from myths, late or incorrect diagnoses, misplaced expectations and lack of awareness, to name a few common causes shared by clients and those in the field providing services.  Until quite recently, autism continued to be defined by presentation and neurotypical expectations of social norms regarding behavior and interaction as opposed to inside “lived” experience.  This webinar is intended to demystify some of this experience particularly for those families or individuals experiencing a recent diagnosis.  Specifically, we will discuss treatment options and resources and ways to center autistic voices.

In this “hands-on” workshop, I’ll help you learn therapeutically based strategies and techniques to better understand signs and symptoms of autism and strengthen family functioning and relationships.