Episode 6: The Organized Therapist-Part II

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve produced an episode. Hope and I had this discussion in October! Well, you know that time in 2020 did not run under the same laws of nature. In an upcoming episode I will share why I dropped off the globe for a month in 2020. I’m back with gusto to do my part helping us all get out of survival mode.

In Part II of my interview with Hope Eden, I continue our discussion of interdependency and Hope expounds on what she calls “sacred geometry in action.” We discuss how the internet is expanding connection on a biological level.

When I last spoke with Hope, she shared her work helping therapists get organized with trainings and helpful assets. She is trying to make the admin work therapists have to endure easier to automate into everyday practice. Which therapist wouldn’t want that? In addition to her three Facebook groups for therapists, she has a new app that provides some of the features of Facebook, but in a more therapist friendly environment. Hope also has the credentials and skills to help therapists get organized in the macro political sense which is right up my alley. After all, the personal is political and the political has a much larger impact on our understanding of mental health than is openly acknowledged.

In today’s episode, Hope shares her “foundational work” in which she engages with every single client.

You can discover more of what she has to offer in her new app Organized Therapist App that is alternative to Facebook. You can also find her here: Facebook: The Organized Therapist.

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Episode 6: The Organized Therapist-Part II