Episode 5: The Organized Therapist

I’m very excited about today’s guest Hope Eden. First off, what a lovely name! It just inspires, well…hope. Hope is as inspirational in person as is her name. Her energy is so calming and within that calm is determined compassion.

Therapist extraordinaire and innovator, Hope has a significant following on Facebook where she is the administrator of a number of groups centered on organization in the fullest sense of that word. She helps therapists organize from within and without which is really the framework from which she operates. Hers is one of the few Facebook groups in which members openly discuss political topics with emotion, sincerity, and respect. This is too rare a creature particularly in groups dominated by therapists many of whom still maintain that therapy and politics should remain separate. (More on that in an upcoming podcast).

With a background in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication from the University of Delaware, (Joe Biden’s alma mater), Hope is “absolutely in love” with “following novelty” and has a knack for the aesthetic in temperament as well as design. In her words, her orientation is to start from the outside in with regards to healing and she has a unique process for doing this. She’s an organizer in the activist/community sense and in the clean desk and daily planner/template sense. Listen in and you’ll know what I mean.

In this first part of my chat with Hope, we discuss leadership and serendipity. So apropos given the current climate and serious concerns regarding the rise of authoritarianism in the United States. How much of our life is random and how much is predestined?

Hope’s accomplishments are an example of how we can each take our personal convictions and manifest them in ways that can promote tangible change. She’s creating change in so many therapists’ lives right now. I do hope you’ll check out her activities especially if you are in the mental health field.

You can discover more of what she has to offer in her new app Organized Therapist App that is alternative to Facebook. You can also find her here:

Facebook: The Organized Therapist

As a business strategist and mindset/identity coach, I help people see who they truly are and through that knowledge, that self-knowing, I help them stand strong in their own power and have the courage to choose the path forward that will lead to the most fulfillment. You can find me on social media on Instagram, on facebook in an online supportive community for self-discovery and values-based living or on my website providing anti-racist advocacy, education, marketing and diversity training for service providers interested in working with BIPOC individuals.

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Episode 5: The Organized Therapist