Episode 11: Making Anti-Oppression Work Workable

After a hiatus that was much longer than I anticipated, I am hopefully back in the swing of things with an episode about the general malaise that many involved in diversity efforts, social justice or anti-oppression work appear to be experiencing.  It was hard not to get caught up in the momentum of what seemed like a pivotal moment for permanent change after thousands took to the streets to protest the death of George Floyd.  Time will only tell what the sustained
progress has been.  There are so many ways that one might measure such progress. 

The protests seemed diverse with people of different ethnicities throughout the world taking a stand in support of US protestors.  Still,
those who have kept up the work seem to share a concern that in many ways, it’s back to business as usual because people are exhausted. There as so many things competing for our attention:  Financial issues, unemployment, a war in the Ukraine. 

So, I propose that we slow down to explore how we can continue to keep our focus on anti-oppression in a way that sustains action without being, well, oppressive. 

Some highlights:
· Learning about oppression is a real downer.  It isn’t always energizing and can result in feelings of guilt, shame or defensiveness.

·  Figuring out the right course of action isn’t always so simple if you’re exhausted, not terribly inspired to help “others” with a problem that’s “over there” and distant from immediate and personal concerns.

· Oppression is often internalized and ubiquitous so it’s hard to recognize when we’re not perpetuating oppressive forces.

· Slowing down can help build presence and help us shift from autopilot.

· How to do anti-oppression work with humility without feeling like a wimp.



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Episode 11: Making Anti-Oppression Work Workable