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Want to work with me on a more intimate level? I work with small groups or on a 1:1 basis in the following areas. Reach out via email to get the conversation started so we can start customizing a service that fits your needs today.

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This is often a great place to start for those interested in working with me or need help getting started on bringing advocacy into your life more.

I offer consultation for mental health providers seeking additional supervision as part of their professional development, wanting to transition to private practice or scale their business to a group practice. I also provide consultation around multicultural awareness and antiracism to increase growth or resilience. In one consultation session I’ll get a sense for what is going on underneath the surface and offer you actionable steps to take so you can begin resolving the areas in your life or business that are creating mis-alignment and stuck-points for you.

autism & ADHD support

My advocacy and social justice work as a lawyer drive my passion to help autistics and adhders live quality lives to their full potential.  The entire message of neurodiversity challenges not only how we view autism but societal norms regarding how we are ‘supposed’ to think, behave and interact with the world.  My personal and professional experience with autism and adhd informs my passion to help those often judged through a neurotypical (allistic/non-autistic) lens towards self-advocacy and interdependence.  There’s also inherent advocacy in an approach that fosters self-determination to live life on one’s own terms without masking (also known as camouflaging).  Indeed, there’s emerging research and belief that challenges whether what meets diagnostic criteria for autism is reflect of its consequences as opposed to the condition itself.

While awareness of autism is growing and available resources are expanding, there’s often a lack of services to help older children transition to the adult world.  For older children and teens, academic demands, puberty and the challenges of increased responsibilities and interpersonal dynamics can be very stressful and isolating.  My neurodivergent coaching working with autistics and adhders focuses on the ability to relate and connect to others as this is sometimes more crucial than academic success to participate fully in adult life.  Start with a free consult or read more about your options that include single long sessions, group work or multiple sessions.  Join our free 90 minute autism webinar to participate in live Q & A with a Certified Autism/ADHD Clinical Specialist.


I’ve been around the block: donating my time to heart-wrenching causes to make a difference on an individual, human-to-human level; laying legal groundwork for equality for those suffering from inequalities related to racism, homophobia and gender discrimination through my work as a lawyer and activist; and pursuing hard-to-reach fields that require advanced training. Mentoring ambitious individuals in challenging endeavors while maintaining a healthy mental, emotional, and physical state has become a passion of mine as I continue to seek ways to make a difference.

I’ve been a whistleblower and currently mentor first generation students at Harvard University. I’m not afraid to take things to the next level and support your efforts to do so.

Family Members of Addicted loved Ones

It’s heartbreaking, as well as touching, how friends and family members ache to support their friends, family members or colleagues who are in the midst of life threatening addiction.  There’s hope.  There’s always hope, even in the worst situation.

Unfortunately, love is many things, but it is not always enough to rescue someone from addiction.  However, it is a great start if it motivates you to do what is effective even if it’s not within your experience and inclination.

As a certified progressive recovery coach with over a decade’s clinical experience treating addiction layered with trauma, mood disorders, grief and other debilitating conditions, I work with family members and friends of addicted loved ones to help them provide effective support to:

  • Understand and access effective treatment.  (Sadly, only 1/10 addicted individuals is in any formal addiction treatment and of those, fewer are provided  treatment that has been  scientifically demonstrated as effective.
  • Learn scientific motivation strategies used by addiction and trauma professionals to increase the likelihood of addicted loved ones entering appropriate treatment.
  • Set appropriate boundaries to decrease likelihood of caregiver burnout.

My services are “a la carte” so caregivers and allies can do as much footwork on their own and access a variety of support via phone, zoom or in person, as appropriate.

Racial Trauma Coaching

Just because you’re confused, stressed, or anxious does not mean you have a disorder and need therapy.

Hard situations are just that, hard; and they often feel even harder when we don’t know how to distinguish who we are from who we are told to be. I believe it’s important to have someone holding space for you who understands what you have had to face your entire life simply because of the color of your skin. I’ve seen too many clients who have been further traumatized from other professionals who were trying to help but just couldn’t comprehend the world in which we live and the stuff we face every day.

We may not be able to change the world overnight, we may not be able to change the situation, but we can look at what your choices are and decide what you’re going to do moving forward in a way that truly serves you.

Supervision For Therapists

I am approved by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Services to offer clinical supervision for associate level clinicians wishing to pursue independent licensure. If you are seeking supervision, let me know and let’s have a conversation to see if we’ll be a good fit for each other.

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